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Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainability

Our corporate social responsibility work helps our clients design lasting strategies for implementing, measuring, and communicating the good work of their teams and organizations. We specialize in employee engagement initiatives, cross-team and cross-sector collaboration, and sustainability.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Five Point got our leadership team the same page, clear on goals and outcomes, and really engaged in a meaningful way.

While Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) can carry a broad definition with many nuanced interpretations, what is always consistent is the desire to do better. And it is from that platform that we are able to develop and create some truly exciting programs. The fundamental principles for design and execution of CSR should be consistent, whether you're looking to reduce costs and increase efficiencies, build out a community program, increase workplace giving, spark innovation, or embrace tradition, the fundamental principle remains the same. We want to benefit ourselves while benefiting society. 

As consumer expectations evolve and brands respond, organizations are becoming increasingly aware of their place within both market and society. No longer are the two completely distinct - instead, how you and your employees operate is a direct reflection of your mission, vision, and values. Purchasing is increasingly driven by consumer values propositions, as opposed to your marketing value proposition. Those who adapt will thrive. Those who do not, will die.

At Five Point, we pride ourselves on working with companies who not only recognize those challenges, but embrace them. By partnering with organizations, we are able to drive solutions and innovations from the challenges and hurdles that changing markets can provide. We develop tailored CSR solutions based upon the needs of our partners, maximizing the resources available to create sustainable programs for maximum return. Our services include:

  • Sustainability strategy and CSR development
  • In-person training for workshops, seminars, and lunch and learns
  • Online coaching and training
  • Design and execution of employee and team engagement programs
  • CSR branding for internal and external communications
  • CSR media and PR positioning
  • Benchmarking and audits
  • Partnership mapping and analysis, and networking support

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