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Employee Engagement, & Investor and Stakeholder Activation

We help our clients conduct meaningful, effective outreach and implement strategies and campaigns with impact. Our Engagement services can draw on Five Point's expertise in CSR, neutral facilitation, investor and market research, and sustainability strategy.

ideas ARE FOREVER ideas without EXECUTION


A good plan is great! But without action and engagement, it's still just a plan.

Investors, members, boards of directors, employees, and community partners all need to see value. It's even better when they're actively helping to build that value.

Five Point helps clients clarify what resonates most with stakeholders and teams, and then builds platforms to deeply engage. Our solutions help clients reach and inspire investors and raise confidence in brands and solutions, connect abstract concepts with the real world, and wire stakeholders and collaborative teams to shared goals and values. 

We deliver expertise in regional and cross-jurisdictional collaboration, policy, traditional and social media, employee and community engagement, economic and workforce development systems, and corporate social responsibility.  

Clients call on Five Point to build engagement solutions through:

  • Board engagement and outreach
  • Partner analysis and outreach
  • Community engagement and outreach
  • Strategic research projects built to engage stakeholders (such as mapping of regional and state partnership pathways for non-profits and member organizations; analysis and mapping of regional resources for entrepreneurial and STEM ecosystems; and goal- and vision-aligned asset maps designed to translate value into marketing messages that work)
  • Online and social media strategy
  • Strategic planning processes built to awaken and inspire disengaged boards of directors and collaborative partners