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Market Research, Investor Research, Surveys, and Customer Journey Mapping

Our research and intelligence services include market research, confidential qualitative interviews with board members and investors, customer journey mapping, focus groups, and asset identification and mapping for economic development clients. 

Gain a Clear Perspective


One of the greatest values for leaders and decision-makers is perspective. Five Point is trusted by clients to design and conduct in-depth interviews and diagnostics with key investors, targets, stakeholders, teams, and customers.

We design and manage these conversations with discretion, diligence, rigor, and care. We work as a neutral third party to ensure the intelligence, customer or stakeholder perspectives, and input we gather is as candid and useful as possible. Our team processes findings into actionable insights and intelligence for our clients.

The customer and stakeholder insights we collect and process for our clients can illuminate hidden areas of opportunity, identify challenges that have remained unknown to the client, and provide third-party testing and validation of concepts and ideas.

Our clients also trust us to develop robust market analyses for new products and brands, and for analyzing and mapping community assets and potential strategic partners.

Our research and intelligence services include:

  • Leadership diagnostics and structured, discrete interviews with board directors and key stakeholders
  • Focus group sessions with key investors, customers, subject matter experts, and stakeholder groups - designed to collect meaningful, candid insights and intelligence 
  • Post-mortem interviews with stakeholders and team members following product or brand launches, issues, and change periods
  • Work sessions and think tanks designed to test concepts, products, and strategies with teams and stakeholders
  • Thought-mapping and brainstorming sessions
  • SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analyses
  • Market analysis for new products, brands, initiatives, and services
  • Mapping and analysis of community assets and current/potential partners and stakeholder groups
  • Client-branded or third-party Five Point-branded documentation of key insights, findings, and recommendations

Let us help you gain a clear perspective.